Management Profile
Ato Yibelu Mossiewa ( CEO )
Work Experience

Ato Yibelu Mossiewa is a founder and CEO of companies and a member of the board of Director, he played an instrumental role in the establishment of Belima International Business PLC “The Daily Water”, Yibelu Mossiewa Fuel & Dry Private Transport, Primavera Manufacturing Plc, Yibelu Mossiewa Construction and Machinery Rent, and Hermon Gymnasium and subsequently served as its first Director. Under his guidance, the companies have flourished into becoming one of the best companies in the country where excellent client care is the absolute priority. He subsequently assumed the position of Chief-Operating-Officer, and thereafter his current dual role as the CEO and Founder, Ato Yibelu Mossiewa received Different international training on business development, entrepreneurship, transport management, and import & export operations, he takes the initiatives in investment decisions since 2016
Ato Nahu Asteraye
Corporate Factory Operations & Projects Director

Ato Nahu Asteraye is a Certified in Master of Science in Economics (Human Resource Economics )currently serving in different position as Corporate Factory Operations & Project Director, he organizes, manages and control all projects under Yibelu Group, Including the expansion project of Belima International Business PLC. and as Deputy General Manager of Yibelu Mossiewa Import & Export oversights the overall import and export operations by organizing, planning and executing the trading operations.
He has the capacity to lead different projects, able to raise new ideas of workings and procedures. Has excellent competence in customer handling and negotiating with foreign suppliers and ability to organize the supply chain.
His expertise stems from an early career progression, lecturer in the Ethiopian Civil Service University from 1992 E.C, to 2007, as Head of Plan & Statistics in the Ministry of Education worked as a planner and, as Head of Plan & Statistics: in the Ministry of Education worked as a planner. As a senior leader shaping our strategic direction, Ato Nahu Asteraye continues to make substantial contributions in all our sectors.

Ato Wossen Tadesse ( Corporate Sales & Marketing Director )
Work Experience
Ato Wossen Tadesse joined Belima international in 2019 as Corporate Sales and Marketing Director; bring forward more than 18 years’ experience in sales and marketing He plays an instrumental role in Corporate Sales and Marketing Director.
As marketing director, he Maximize horizontal and vertical sales volume and market share with better service in industry, and he Create and develop high performance sales team and lead them to generate hit sales revenue forecasts and meet customer .
his previous experience in Samsung Electronics PLC, Handy Products (PH)- Mobile Sales Manager- Ethiopia , 2009-2011,East Africa Bottling S.C – Coca-Cola, Regional Sales Manager (RSM) – East Ethiopia, Regional Sales Manager (RSM) – North Addis Ababa, Al-Quibesh Coca-Cola Bottler PLC- Djibouti, Market developer, making RTM with map EDS and training – since 2001,East Africa Bottling S.C – Coca-Cola, Area Sales Manager –
North Ethiopia ,Country Event Specialist ,Route to Market (RTM) expert- Since -2000 ZEBYM Soft Drink Manufacturing PLC Sales Director - Ethiopia: - November 2017 – October 2019
Heineken Breweries S.C Regional Business Manager (RBM) - North and West Ethiopia: -December 2014 – November 2017 DIAGEO Ethiopia – META Beer Factory PLC Field Sales Manager (FSM) – North and West Ethiopia: - October 2012 – October 2014, DIAGEO the world Leading Premium Drinks Business PLC, and as Distribution and Route to Market (RTM) manger.
He has lot of experience in FMCGS sectors with great Leadership, Setting and achieving goals, tackling the competition, and solving problems decisively and quickly, and Knowing and doing wright thing, which is Integrity Very optimist, open mind and flexibility – willing and able to adapt to any situation.
He is face challenges Focused and believe in teamwork, result oriented and time management with great communication .Give and received feedbacks in positive manner and responsible and take risks.
Ato Eyob Mengesha ( Corporate Sales & Marketing Director )
Work Experience
Ato Eyob Mengesha brings over 12 years’ extensive experience in the fields Corporate Sales & Marketing Director .He is certified in Bachelor of Arts in marketing management. Prior to joining ABIG in 2011, he had held different corporate positions in his field, including working As a Corporate Sales & Marketing Director: since October 2017 responsible for enhancing the market share of Belima’s “Daily Water” products and implementing suitable marketing strategy to sustain the customer base already maintained and create new ones too.

In his previous experience, he worked in areki water as marketing and sales manager, sales manager in Wow Prime House Services PLC from October 2014 to August 2015Worked, branch manager in Jittu Horticulture, and market researcher and sales coordinator from 2008 to 2010.
He is Well-tuned to the job with the right sales person attitude and skill, excellence in chasing market information and competitors’ position and move. Well versed in the sector of distributing bottled waters and good in managing the sales and marketing team
Ato Yibel Haileselassie ( Corporate Finance Director )
Work Experience
Ato Yibel Haileselassie is a corporate finance director in Yibelu Group: since 13 October 2018 organizes, systematizes, and manages the financial, accounting, tax, and control issues of Yibelu Group including Belima International Business Plc. Manages the financial stability of the group. The management of capital structure of the company, as well.

His expertise stems from an early career progression as a finance manager in Shimzal Plc, a corporate audit manager in Ambassador Group that runs a real state, hotel, and garment, cost & budget officer, senior internal auditor, an accountant in EFFORT, and The Ethiopian Customs Authority respectively. As a financial controller in Ethiopian Tannery of the Pittards from 1 February 2017 to 4 September 2017 was responsible to oversee and control the overall financial aspects of the Tannery. Particularly responsible to manage the long-term loan and working in the capital management. Supervising two finance managers with close to 30 accountants under them, and as financial manager in Africa- Juice Tibila Share Company, Dutch Companies from 06 April 2012 to 14 September 2016 responsible for the overall accounting and finance activities also worked as an internal audit manager in the Africa Insurance Company (S.C).
He has enough experience in the audit, accounting, and finance and tax practices both at start and at higher levels. Good understanding of business processes and control procedures, it means that ,he support to the company when control procedure design and documentation is needed. Moreover, many soft and hard skills earned through learning and practical experience.
Ato Zelalem Sineshaw
Corporate Import & Export Director

Ato Zelalem Sineshaw is an import and export professional with over 20 years’ experience in import and trade business development. His Multidisciplinary background in Worked with TNB Import and Export as deputy general manager was responsible for managing the overall operations of the business from January 2015 to April 2019,and for Star Business Group as Corporate Planning Expert was responsible for designing and developing strategic plan of the company from 2012 to 2015.
Ato Zelalem has also lectured in Bahir Dar University from September 2007 to August 2012 Core. He currently sits on management in the import and export trade of Yibelu Group and is responsible to manage the fluctuating nature of prices for export goods since May 2019.
He is obtaining years of experience in the import & export trade developed capacity to lead the international and local trade markets. Capable of initiating, designing and developing business plans. In addition to that, he is excellent negotiator in dealing with international trade contracts. He had significant contribution Developed extraordinary skill in the international business bargain and excellent communicator of the interests of the company, and well known in trading export items of all kind.